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Skateboarding Meets Rocket Technology

Posted February 5, 2016 By John Denson

Introducing 121C Boards here at Torcano Industries.   Announcing our latest news! Now Shipping! In a recent blog by 121C Co-Founder Greg Autry, we learned all about, "What happens when you introduce rocket technology to skateboarding?" .

121C helps solve an environmental problem by upcycling this "100% Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber."  It is important to understand that they use perfectly good upcycled (scrap but new) material and not “recycled” (reused stuff.) Their aerospace prepreg Carbon Fiber requires special handling, transportation and even expensive, refrigerated storage. It’s far from “free.”  

As stated by the creators of 121C, "The aerospace grade material in the Aileron is so expensive that if we purchased it new, our cost for the Carbon Fiber alone would be more than what we charge for a complete build with trucks and wheels. With it’s 22 layers of the best CF we’d literally have to sell this board for over $1,000!  One of the main reasons why no one else makes anything like it! After years of engineering, R&D, manufacturing and logistics, these boards are carefully cured at high temperatures and pressures, water jet cut, and hand finished in processes that are vastly more expensive than those required to stamp out plastic boards."  With the help of Kickstarter and their initial supporters, 121C collaborated with Randal Truck Co. and Shark Wheels to bring one exceptional carbon fiber skateboard ever made.

121C builds an exceptional cruiser class skate deck: lighter than wood, stronger than steel.  These boards house the best Made In The USA wheels and bearings components:  Randal Truck Co. and Shark Wheels.  121C Founder Ryan Olliges,an aerospace engineering student at the Viterbi School of Engineering at the University of Southern California. Greg Autry, Co-Founder, MBA, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship with the Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at the Marshall School of Business, USC. His research context is the emerging New Space industry. Greg, a serial entrepreneur actively strives for American manufacturing. Industry Expert and Liaison Michael López-Alegría is a former Naval aviator and one of America's most accomplished astronauts. Mike's many accolades inspire the 121C team to reach for the stars. 

We stand behind 121C and their commitment to focus on exceptional quality who care about their community, pride with quality as they're Made In America.  These skateboards are built by skaters in Southern California, "the heartland of skating."  

Available in two designs: The Space and The Hexagon 


*Patent Pending


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