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It's (R)evolution Baby!!!

Posted March 19, 2014 By Jason Norman

Here's another story, originating from yet another city in the United States. The storyline is always the same: stringent bike light enforcement because cycling fatalities are up. But it's becoming apparent that perhaps bike lights aren't enough.

While we think it's great that most states require cyclists to use a bike light while riding at night, we think the evolution of the bike light includes sound. From the resounding response we've received from consumers and retailers alike thus far, we're confident that ORP is going to lead this (r)evolution. 

As a cycling industry we need to recognize that some people stay off their bikes not out of sheer laziness or time restraints, but because they worry about being safe. And herein lies the problem: this has a trickle down effect to their kids. The elementary school and junior high I went to in Northern California had something called the "bike cage" where hundred of bikes, including my blue Dyno, were locked up and used as our means of transportation to get to school. Now when I take my son to his elementary school in Orange County I see a "bike rack" with a couple of bikes locked up every day...and it's the same two!!!

And if you think it's just a U.S. epidemic, think again. Check out this story out of London. While 48% of kids want to cycle to school, only 2% actually do. 

Just something to ponder...


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