Bike Rumor: Found~Speed Evolution Lightweight Alloy Tubeless Valve Stems

Posted June 7, 2016

Bike Rumor Writer Tyler Benedict first introduces their readers to Speed Evolution in this review posted back on November 17, 2013. "High tech innovation and tubeless valve stems may not often come up in the same conversation, but Speed Evolution’s new alloy models at least get them in the same room. Creator Derek Hermon has been tinkering with the (patent pending) design for six years, looking to create something that’s lighter, works better and is more versatile than the typical brass valve stems most of us are probably using. Anything that’s lighter and comes in various anodized colors immediately has our attention. When it promises to work better, too, we really perk up. He says they’re about half the weight, which means less rotating mass, particularly important on a part that can throw off the balance of the wheel, too. The real “tech” comes in the design and features, though…"