MSRP $65.00
The ORP SmartHorn™ Bike Light is first light to integrate sound. Not just ordinary sound, but patented SmartHorn™ Technology, where a rider can alert cars, pedestrians, runners and other cyclists to their presence with a simple push on the light's tail--another patented technology which is unique to ORP.

Perfect for all types of cyclists including mountain bikers, who use ORP when rolling up behind hikers and other riders on the trails, on a trail's blind turns, and many other riding situations. Also perfect for kids who will find endless hours of enjoyment using ORP while cruising the neighborhood, all the while staying safer on their bikes.


Lumens: 87
Run Times: Solid = 3 Hours; Fast Flash = 8 Hours; Slow Flash = 15 Hours
Sounds: Friendly = 76 decibels; Loud = 96 decibels
Weight: 89 grams
Size: Stretches to fit handlebar diamaters 26 - 33 millimeter
Housing: Electronics are housed in a high impact polycarbonate case that is surrounded by a silicone skin, making it weatherproof and shockproof
Remote Switch: +$10: Silicone bodied, progressive 2-stage remote wired switch that works both horn and light.

COLORS: Glorp, Aorta Red, Snot Green, Frostbyte, Safety Cone Orange, Wail Blue, Asphalt Black Product Data Sheet


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